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I am a self-motivated software developer with a strong understanding of web development. I have experience working in a team, fast-paced environments, training, and customer service. I love learning new technologies, solving puzzles, and challenging myself. I want to work with fun and innovative new technologies to transform how we interact with the world.

My Skills Include:


  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Python Python
  • Ruby Ruby
  • Java Java


  • Node Node.js
  • Django Django
  • Flask Flask
  • Rails Rails

Front End:

  • CSS3 CSS
  • Angular 4 Angular 4
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • jQuery jQuery


  • SQLite SQLite
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB MongoDB


  • Git Git
  • Windows Windows
  • bullet Rspec
  • bullet Capybara
  • bullet Algorithms

My Projects

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PacMan Screenshot


A recreation of the first level of PacMan. Each ghost has their own pathing algorithm based on how they acted in the original game. If you pick up all the coins in the first level, you are taken to a level of my own design.

Code: GitHub

Demo: RawGit

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery
Book Review Screenshot

Book Reviews

A book review website. Users can create an account or log in. The front page lists the most recently posted reviews, and a list of all the books. Users can go to an existing book's page and leave a review and rating, or add a new book to the database.

Built with Django and SQLite3, as well as the Open Library API for book search and cover photos.

Code: GitHub

Demo: Book-Reviews

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Python Django SQLite
BlackJack Screenshot

BlackJack Game

A small, Terminal based BlackJack game I made early on while learning Ruby.

Code: GitHub

BrightIdeas Screenshot


An Idea sharing website. Users can register an account, and then post their ideas for other users to see and like. All ideas are featured on the main page in order of how many likes they have recieved.

I built it in 4.5 hours for my Ruby final exam using Ruby on Rails with a PostgreSQL database.

Code: GitHub

Demo: Bright Ideas

HTML5 CSS3 Ruby Rails PostgreSQL
Trivia Screenshot

Trivia Game

A Full MEAN stack app I created in 4.5 hours for an exam. I've since gone in and cleaned it up just a bit, and fixed a few bugs, but the core was created in the 4.5-hour time frame. It is a site with very basic login/registration, where users can log in and either play a trivia game where they are given 3 random questions from the site's database, or they can add their own questions to the database to be used in the game. The user's final scores are stored in the database and displayed on the homepage.

Code: GitHub

Demo: Trivia-game

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Node Angular 4 MongoDB

Contact Me

Email: contact@alyssamckee.net

GitHub: https://github.com/SilverInfinity

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/alyssa-mckee-46bab130

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